Association for European Inland Navigation and Waterways


Technical committee for transport economics (FA Vkw)

Foundation of the committee : 1977

The committee meets biannual.

He picks up current problems in practice just as he initiates and pursuits generally new developments This happens through evaluation of practical experience, with the help of scientific elaboration or in connection with the execution of research assignments, in which the members of the committee or the companies/organizations behind them are involved. In this way a high scientific level is assured.

Aims & Tasks

Increase of the profitability of ship operation management to add in this way Enhancement for the ability of the transportation system of inland waterways. For this purpose the technical committee analyzes primary all battery of questions, which can be directly linked up with barges and their operation; to this belong basic topics as

  • Shipbuilding concepts and constructions
  • Vortriebsorgane and control systems
  • Maneuver and driving characteristics
  • Development of new ship types; conventional and unconventional
  • Fast ships in limited fairways
  • Specific loading characteristics
  • Special construction characteristics
  • Ship safety
  • Traffic safety

Structure & work methods

The members of the committee represent different fields, e.g.:

  • Barge companies
  • Shipyard and suppliers
  • Waterways and Shipping administration
  • Port operations
  • Engineering consultants and classification associations
  • Berufsgenossenschaft
  • Science and research


Dr. Wolfgang Hönemann  
Henning Buchholz Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Minden
Jan Sönke Eckel RheinCargo GmbH & Co. KG
Joachim Holstein HTAG Häfen und Transport AG
Berthold Holtmann DST Entwicklungszentrum für Schiffstechnik und Transportsysteme e.V.
Dr. Ansgar Kortenjann Niederrheinische Industrie- und Handelskammer
Kai Nandelstaedt Reederei Schwaben GmbH
Markus Nölke ShortSeaShipping Inland Waterway Promotion Center SPC
Wolfgang Nowak ERSTU European River-Sea-Transport Union e.V.
Dr. Roland Pütz Rain Carbon GmbH
Joachim Schürings ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG
Werner Spionkowski Ruhrmann Logistik GmbH & Co. KG
Michael Wilms Hülskens Wasserbau GmbH & Co. KG


Previous committee chairmen

1977 bis 1994: Professor Dr.-Ing. Hans-Heiner Heuser
1994 bis 1998: Professor Dr.-Ing. Ernst Müller

Work results

Within the committee the following publications has been developed respectively prepared:

  • Energy Consumption in longhaul goods traffic
  • Barges and towboats with decreased construction weight
  • Restenergieverwertungsanlage on barges
  • Archetype of the specification for a barge
  • Examination and Enhancement of propeller for one-propeller ships
  • Active bow control systems for barges
  • Solid fuel for gas generators of barges
  • Specific energy input in longhaul goods traffic. Where stands the inland water transport?
  • On-board computer for barges
  • Driving dynamics for barges
    (Developed from a collective task group of the technical committee for barges and for inland waterways and ports)


The committee defines the following topics as urgent. According to this, he - partially in ad hoc working groups - pays particular attention to:

  • Energy economy of engines
  • Minimization of fuel consumption
  • Using of alternative and regenerative energies
  • Selfsetting- und -removal facilities
  • Co-operation of ship and cargo handling
  • Extension of technical maintenance interval
  • Reduction of pollutant- and noise emission
  • Ability to sail on specific waterways
  • Interaction Ship - Waterways


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